Large Casting Fabrication, Welding and Upgrading

European Heathyards have been specialising in the fabrication, welding and upgrading of large castings ranging, from 5okg to 50,000kg, for over 15 years.

During this time we have developed our own proven manufacturing techniques and are responsible for the welding, fabrication and upgrades of thousands of large castings installed in process plant and power stations around the world.

  • Our Welding Experience

    We have experience in welding most carbon steel grades, most chromium/ vanadium creep resistive alloys, most high temperature low corrosive stainless steel grades and all high temperature nickel alloys.

Case Studies

  • Large Casting

    Type: High integrity welding and fabrication of low and high alloy castings

    Application: High pressure, high temperature

    Date: 2005

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